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The schiscetta becomes chic even on the beach

The schiscetta becomes chic even on the beach

The schiscetta goes out of style even on the beach! Now there is a great attention to the food for what to eat under the umbrella.

Abolished simple sandwiches, great attention is paid to the Mediterranean diet and food tradition revisited in a light version. The main ingredients used are natural and fresh as cereals, fruit and vegetables, oily fish lightly seasoned and flavored with spices and herbs. And to keep food warm or cool for several hours, you obtain the thermal containers suitable for this purpose, practical, comfortable and attractive design, as Thermal container hot&cold or lunchbox termici

lunchbox termico schiscetta lunchbox hotcold schiscetta

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Basmati rice with crunchy vegetables


The return to work is now official and started for all and as the temperatures are still mild why not try this Basmati rice with crunchy vegetables.

A perfect mix that combines lightness and taste.

The recipe is easy to prepare, tasty and fast … it brings together all seasonal vegetables and adds crispness with sliced almonds and toasted pine nuts.

Once prepared, this rice is perfect to be transported to one of our practical lunchbox that allow you to store food for hours without having to refrigerate.

Riso basmati con verdure croccanti


the recipe on DolcementeSalato Blog